Spill Response Practitioner

Once you have completed the Technical Spill Response Course, you will be ready to progress to Spill Response Practitioner status. To achieve this level, our specialists will need to analyse you responding to a spill.

Send us a video of you responding to a spill, and an appraisal of how you handled the spill, and an environmental consultant will analyse the spill response to determine whether it has been handled effectively and safely. You will then be awarded Spill Response Practitioner status and have a proven track record of handling spills effectively and safely.

Part A: Video Assessment

What are we looking for?

  • Effective demonstration of  the “ASSESS, PROTECT, CONFINE, CLEAN-UP, DISPOSE” concept which was taught in the Technical Spill Responder Course.
  • Good planning and reason in decisions made; good teamwork if applicable
  • A calm and considered approach to spill management

Part B: Self Assessment

The second part of your assessment will be your own analysis of how you handled the spill.

We will ask you to think about:

  • What was handled well?
  • If you were to handle the same spill again, what would you do differently?
  • What is the best course of action following this event, if it were a real scenario?
  • How could a spill like this be prevented in future?


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