Online Spill Response Training Course

Handle spills at your site effectively and safely and become a Spill Response Technician

ESP has developed this online course using its knowledge and practical understanding of site based spill response training. This course gives the participant the understanding of how spills occur, how to reduce the chances of them occurring and give the practical tools to be able to handle a spill effectively.

Who Should Attend?

  • This course is for anyone who needs to have the technical knowledge of how to respond to a spill in their workplace.
  • No experience is needed to take part in this course, it is aimed at all levels within an organisation or company.

Key Skills

Through the tutorials, the course will enable learners to:

  • Understand why spills should be managed
  • Learn how to avoid spills occurring
  • Learn the best ways to prepare for a spill
  • Use a step-by-step process to handle spills
  • Understand which equipment is best to use in which situation
  • Learn how to protect yourself while handling a spill
  • Emergency preparedness for ISO 14001.



Learning Materials and Certificates

The whole course is provided on-line, with tutorials and quizzes to support learning.

On successful completion of the course a certificate will be created that provides evidence of participation and that the learner is now a Spill Response Technician. This can also be used to provide evidence of technical competency of emergency preparedness in ISO 14001.

Progressing to Spill Response Practitioner

On completion of the online Spill Response Technician course you will be ready to progress to Spill Response Practitioner status. A Spill Response Practitioner takes the competency achieved from the Spill Response Technician course and then applies it. This is carried out by ESP’s environmental specialists analysing a video of your response to a controlled mock spill event (carried out under ESP’s guidelines).

Our Spill Response Technician and Practitioner levels form the “Spills” branch of training we provide. ESP and Ideostone are currently developing a suite of courses to support your ISO 14001 Environmental Management System. To keep up to date and access the latest courses and offers, why not sign up to our email newsletter: 

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